Influence of Servant Leadership to Motivation, Organization Culture, Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB), and Employee’s Performance in Outstanding Cooperatives East Java Province, Indonesia


Servant leadership style implementation on Cooperatives encourages the existence of organizations. Since most organizations –including Cooperativesneed to serve at all levels in order to keep their relationship to their members, employees, and environments. Servant leadership should be of interest for today’s cooperative leaders for it enablesand empowers employees to serve others. 25 Cooperatives have been honored as Outstanding Cooperatives in 2012 based on East Java Governor Act (SK GubernurJawaTimurNomor 188/389/KPTS/013/2012) were as an object of this research is located inEast Java. The data were obtained from 249 Employees, and 30 Managers of Outstanding Cooperatives. The data were analyzed using the Structural Equation Modeling with Partial Least Square Program. Empirical research on servant leadership has been scarce (Subramaniam, 2011), so this study will contribute to the body of knowledge with attempt to investigate the influences of servant leadership to motivation, organization culture, OCB, and employees’ performance; and the influences of motivation to OCB, and employees’ performance; and the influences of organization culture to OCB, and to employees’ performance; and the influence of OCB to employees’ performance. The research showed the following findings: (1)servant leadership influences to motivation, organization culture, and employees’ performance, but not to OCB; (2) motivation influences to OCB and employees’ performance; (3) organization culture influences to OCB and employees’ performance, and (4) OCB influences to employees’ performance of Outstanding Cooperatives in East Java. Suggestion that can be presented is that managers of Outstanding Cooperatives should be more empower themselves to help fellow workers carry out their tasks voluntarily, and implementing the real positive attitude, fostering sportsmanship, altruism, conscientiousness, courtesy, and civic virtue of the employees.


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