[Postmortem MSCT Analysis and Identification of Fall from Height: One Case Report].


OBJECTIVE To explore the application value of postmortem multi-slice spiral computed tomography (MSCT) in cases of fall from height through observing and analyzing the injury features of the fall and reconstructing the process of the fall based on the the above procedure. METHODS One real fatal case due to fall from height was fully examined using MSCT and three-dimensional reconstruction technique. Analyzing the manner and cause of death through combination of MSCT and systemic autopsy was also implemented. The differences between autopsy and MSCT in getting information of injuries were compared. RESULTS Fractures involving multiple body regions and liver rupture were found through MSCT and three-dimensional reconstruction. The autopsy got the same results with imageological examination. The case of death was deduced to be fall leading to systemic polytrauma. CONCLUSION Application of MSCT can be used as the complimentary for traditional autopsy in the analysis of injury manner of fall from height.


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