Application 0f Distance Education in Agriculture


Nowadays, using computers has changed man’s life at all aspects. Done researches in relation to development programs of all countries, represent central role of information technology and communication at these programs. information technology and communication can be used as a powerful tool for improving quality and efficiency of education so that change traditional practices of education and no more physical presence at classrooms . If so far, education benefited just from teachers and trainers, books were considered as major informational sources for education, nowadays education has faced with new communicational tools and environments. Recent progress at computer industry and local information networks, regional and international information (especially Internet) , multimedia, communicational technologies, have placed new tools and practices against planners , programmers , managers and executers of educational programs. Influence of new informational technologies on educational centers (schools to universities) and even houses, have changed simple relationship between students and teachers completely. [Seyed Mehdi Mirdamadi, Sharareh khodamoradi. Application 0f Distance Education in Agriculture. Journal of American Science 2011;7(6):732-738]. (ISSN: 1545-1003).


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