Pitch Mean Based Frequency Warping


In this paper, a novel pitch mean based frequency warping (PMFW) method is proposed to reduce the pitch variability in speech signals at the frontend of speech recognition. The warp factors used in this process are calculated based on the average pitch of a speech segment. Two functions to describe the relations between the frequency warping factor and the pitch mean are defined and compared. We use a simple method to perform frequency warping in the Mel-filter bank frequencies based on different warping factors. To solve the problem of mismatch in bandwidth between the original and the warped spectra, the Mel-filters selection strategy is proposed. At last, the PMFW melfrequency cepstral coefficient (MFCC) is extracted based on the regular MFCC with several modifications. Experimental results show that the new PMFW MFCCs are more distinctive than the regular MFCCs.


2 Figures and Tables

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